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    Dr. Barbara Sturm

    Dr. Barbara Sturm

    Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German aesthetics doctor, world-recognized for 
    non-surgical anti-aging treatments and rejuvenation of the skin matrix. 
    Dr. Sturm translated her orthopedic research and practice into revolutionary
    advances in aesthetic non-surgical medicine. One example is her incubation, 
    centrifugation and re-introduction of a patient’s own blood proteins. 
    When combined with hyaluronic acid and injected, this treatment has an 
    anti-inflammatory and highly regenerative effect on the cellular level 
    that returns the youthful glow and effectively combats some of the central 
    causes of skin aging.


    Inspired by her daily work Dr. Sturm has formulated Molecular Cosmetics for those 
    who have always wanted an uncomplicated yet highly effective skincare regime that 
    hydrates, protects and regenerates the skin. The line is a synergy of unique and 
    innovative active ingredients combined with potent natural extracts. The skincare line 
    deploys the anti-aging ingredient Purslane, also called the “fountain of youth drug”. 
    Purslane activates the immortality enzyme telomerase in our cells and delivers 
    anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects to the skin. 
    The best from aesthetic medicine and nature, made in Germany.

    • Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens and mineral oils
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Infused with cutting edge ingredients which revive
      stressed skin and restore youthful glow