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    Hello lovely customers, 

    Welcome to The Beauty Editor.

    Thank you so much for visiting us. I hope you love discovering all the brands we offer both at our Amsterdam store and here online. Below is a little bit about why I wanted to launch a beauty business here in The Netherlands. I like to think we're able to offer more than just a regular beauty store. I love talking to our customers about makeup, skincare and wellness. My team and I adore spending time with all of you. I work at our store most days so if you're in Amsterdam, please drop in to say hi! 

    Lots of love, 

    Fara xx

    “Modern beauty for me bridges the gap between organic natural products and high tech luxury. As the women of today, we want the best of both worlds coupled with knowledgeable, unbiased advice. I wanted to offer a top-to-toe solution for the beauty savvy consumer, creating both an on and offline opportunity to cut through all the noise and find the best of innovative skincare, makeup and haircare. My passion for health and wellness led me to curate an edited selection of the best beauty brands from around the globe. At The Beauty Editor we love making time for our customer to ensure they receive expert advice and care.” - Fara The Beauty Editor, Founder.

    So it all started like this. Why, we asked ourselves, was there very little in the Dutch market that offered a combination of cool niche makeup, skincare and wellness brands – plus knowledgeable, unbiased customer service?

    That led us to inspiration – and the idea of a groundbreaking beauty boutique that brings you the best edit of exclusive innovative beauty from around the globe.

    Having worked in PR with some of the brightest, most technologically brilliant brands in the world for 20 years, our founder Fara brought on board some of her hand-picked all-time favourites… and The Beauty Editor was born.

    Our approach is to curate the ultimate collections from the very best brands, along with helpful, impartial advice. We aim to take away a lot of the guesswork, editing down the options to only the most innovative and effective products. We also want to be a true incubator for new, exciting brands in the Dutch market. An interactive space of discovery. Yes, we’re obsessively passionate about innovation and discovery. Our team are always on the look-out for pioneering new products, or just things they can’t wait to tell their friends about.

    Our Amsterdam store is a place of discovery, where every visit will be different to the last. We’d love for you to come and experience our interactive space; spend time exploring, and you’ll find a host of innovative niche brands from around the world – perhaps even curating your very own beauty lifestyle edit.

    You’ll be encouraged to test and play with the products in our store. After all, we think beauty should be fun. Try things on your skin. Take a mirror and walk outside and see what it looks like. Have a makeover and ask us about techniques. When you cross our threshold, we want you to feel empowered and confident about your options.

    Our Mission: Visit us and feel welcome. Walk out feeling wonderful. At The Beauty Editor, we’re all about empowering our customer. We stand for intelligence, authenticity, beauty and wellness. And we believe that beauty should never be intimidating. Every person should feel able to access the best

    solution that works for them – and not feel overwhelmed by the volume of information out there.

    We also want you to feel you can ask anything you like. No question is too small. We’re here to help and inform – and we want to give the best possible advice that fits with your individual concerns, lifestyle and time availability.

    Impartial, friendly advice – tailored for you So we offer truly unbiased, impartial advice – and will always tailor a beauty solution to your unique needs. Our expertly trained assistants absolutely love sharing their knowledge – and will jump at the chance to give you tips, tricks and guidance that work for you, and only you. And because of that, it’ll never be about just one brand; we’ll pull out the products that really will suit you and your needs.