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    Eyes - Dark Circles and Puffiness

    The skin around your eyes are much more delicate than the rest of your face and it is also one of the first areas to show signs of aging, so it makes sense to have a separate treatment from your day to day moisturiser or serum specifically for this type of delicate skin area.

    To put eye cream on you support your brow bone, close your eyes and gently sweep down your eyelid. Under the eye you should use a tapping motion which will help reduce puffiness and get your lymphatic drainage moving.

    Ingredients like Purslane and Skullcap are good for sensitive skin just like the eye area has. Golden Root, Sugar Beet and Yeast are good to target puffiness and omega lipids help the skin keep its moisture which results in looking fresh and youthful.

    We recommend

    Dr Barbara Sturm Eye Cream -

    Puffiness, bags, dark shadows – an exhausted eye area can make us look tired and sad. This eye cream has been especially developed by Dr. Sturm to treat the delicate and problematic eye area. While the scientific basis of the eye care formula provides optimum care for this sensitive area using Purslane and Skullcap, the special complex of Golden Root, Sugar Beet and Yeast also provide a soothing, ‘de-puffing’ effect. Active omega lipids help the skin retain its moisture and give it youthful freshness. Powerful natural compounds are combined with medical molecular active substances to offer protection against premature skin aging and to assist skin regeneration.

    Dr Barbara Sturm Discovery Kit -

    This Discovery Kit is the perfect introduction to the brands 'Molecular Skincare' routine. This 7-piece travel size set containing FACE CREAM, CLEANSER, FACIAL SCRUB one HYALURONIC AMPOULE, EYE CREAM, ANTI AGING BODY CREAM and a FACE MASK SACHET. The travel friendly products will exfoliate, hydrate, and repair your skin to deliver a radiant complexion and the signature Sturm Glow.